Meeting you where you are

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We understand that each person’s journey is unique and we’re here to support you no matter what stage you’re in.

Whether you’re seeking to create a lasting legacy, safeguard your loved ones, or manage your responsibilities as a trustee or beneficiary, we’ll provide guidance with both warmth and professionalism. Our services are designed for everyone, from young individuals to families and older adults, and we’re committed to helping you navigate your financial decisions with empathy and clarity.

A plan for the clan?

We work with  families large and small, simple and complex, together or dispersed. We have  developed and implemented estate plans, asset sharing plans, family charters and successful  strategies for the nurturing of wealth across generations.

Starting your family adventure?

We have worked with many young families who can attest to benefitting from professional expertise, specialized knowledge, and dedicated resources in managing their assets and achieving financial objectives while still catering to the fact that the family is growing and there are running expenses.

The team is curated to make us relatable to each family’s concerns and provided the appropriate legal solutions. We give talks to parents with children under 15 at their respective schools and help them understand how to make the law work in their favor.

Flying solo?

Often times, the challenge is to simply determine the best approach to helping a single person with a couple of assets, achieve their intended objectives. We partner with single individuals and curate personal plans. This includes doing their wills and creating the appropriate asset-holding structures. We deliver quality advice to ensure a single person makes the right decisions when they do decide to expand their horizons.

Institutional Trusts

We work with institutional clients, charities and public benefit organisisations to establish bespoke trusts and foundations.

We are actively working to have the laws of trusts and foundations updated to world class standards so as to position Kenya and the Region as a preferred home for trusts and foundations.

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How can we help you?

Our easy-to-understand process takes the uncertainty out of estate planning and trust administration, leaving you with peace of mind for the future. Protect your loved ones and your legacy.


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