Client Support & Value Added Services

In addition to being a full service legal firm, our firm goes the distance to offer the following value added services that add value to the client’s enterprise and personal management needs. This includes various aspects such as; Risk Management Advisory Services, Process Development and Efficiency Monitoring , Human Resource Planning, Corporate & Institutional Governance , Compliance, Legal Awareness Training, Immigration and Work Permits.

Process Development & Efficiency Monitoring:

Every enterprise runs on a process and it is this process that often determines the growth of that enterprise.  Process development and efficiency monitoring enables us to provide practical solutions to our clients and enable them to offer the most effective service level agreements to their partners.

Corporate & Institutional Governance:

The bedrock of any enterprise is a strong governance framework which in turn leads to efficient management of legal risk. By providing Governance advice and support, we empower our clients to reach greater levels of sustainability and continuity in their businesses and give them more control of their enterprise which ultimately reduces legal and other risks.

Human Resource Planning

As well as advising on the legal requirements that come with employment matters, we offer support in HR policy development and advice.

Risk Management Advisory Services:

Identifying and mitigating risks is essential to the success of any enterprise and goes a long way in ensuring the success of the legal agreements that are entered into by an enterprise. By marrying legal support with risk management, we are able to add value to the sustainability of our client’s enterprise in an efficient and cost effective manner.


In an increasingly regulated environment, being one step ahead in the compliance game ensures that we are able to provide holistic and practical support to our clients enabling them to avoid unnecessary delays and costs in the execution of their activities.

Legal Awareness Training:

Knowledge is power, so the more aware our clients are of legal principles the better the choices they will make for their business and their lives.

Immigration and Work Permits for Private Individuals