Family Wealth Symposium

Prosperity for Generations

A forum where all the tools required to successfully manage family wealth are made available through interactive discussions. Together we will explore the role that wealth plays in the dynamic of families.
These dynamics are often the make or break ingredient that would hold any expertly crafted plan together or tear it apart. The symposium will combine soft skills with technical expertise to create wholistic solutions to the challenges surrounding family wealth.

On Sunday, August 20th 2017 at 5 pm on KTN Home, The Property Show with Nancy featured Wanjiru Nduati on their Expert segment as discussed Wills and Trusts.

Secure the Future of Your Loved Ones

Every person wants to know that their loved ones will be well taken care of after their demise. Even if you cannot take all your assets with you after death, it is fulfilling to know that they will be in safe hands the moment you depart. So how do you secure your assets? Wills A…

Introduction to intellectual property rights

Intellectual Property is a product or process that arises from the human intellect or mind. It is a result of human creation. Intellectual property protects applications of ideas and information that are of commercial value. They are rights to stop others from doing certain things such as pirating, creating counterfeits, and imitations. The rationale for…

Confronting our own mortality is a matter every one dreads. The association of wills and trusts with death often means that their real benefits are overlooked. We put off writing a will or creating a trust as much as possible saying that we are neither old enough nor rich enough. In the course of our…