Corporate, Commercial and Intellectual Property Law

HNC prides itself on having corporate law expertise. We provide all-round advice on Finance and ….

Trusts Property and Estate Planning

This firm has dedicated itself to providing quality advice and counselling to families to ….

Civil Litigation

Litigation is a major aspect of our practice and our aim is to resolve disputes in a cost- effective manner, aimed at generating…

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In addition to being a full service legal firm, our firm goes the distance to offer the following value…


On Sunday, August 20th 2017 at 5 pm on KTN Home, The Property Show with Nancy featured Wanjiru Nduati on their Expert segment as discussed Wills and Trusts.

Confronting our own mortality is a matter every one dreads. The association of wills and…

Introduction to intellectual property rights

Intellectual Property is a product or process that arises from the human intellect or mind….