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HNC prides itself on having corporate law expertise. We provide all-round advice on Finance and ….

Trusts Property and Estate Planning

This firm has dedicated itself to providing quality advice and counselling to families to ….

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In addition to being a full service legal firm, our firm goes the distance to offer the following value…


Dear Friend, Please be my guest at a Webinar that will take place on 18th July 2020 from 10.00 a.m –12.00 p.m. The topic of the session will be ” A future and hope” based on Jeremiah 29:11. The session will focus on how participants can use the challenge and circumstances of COVID 19 as…

This forum was an interactive conversation about the world of Wills, Trusts, Family Companies, Family businesses, Family Property and how to optimize your plans at whatever stage in life you are at. We discussed the ravages that sometime happen when wealth is transitioning from one generation to the next in an unplanned manner. Court battles…